Weird Things That Babies Do and Why They Do Them

Being a first-time parent comes with many obstacles. You always think you are doing everything wrong and so many people are willing to provide you with “helpful” advice that it can all be very overwhelming. We all seem to manage to get through those early days one way or another and every mom or dad has their own way of making sure their baby is safe and healthy. But there is one thing that all parents have in common and that is wondering why their babies do so many weird things.

As cute and cuddly as they may be, all babies are quirky in their own little ways and they really don’t have a lot of social awareness. Combine all that together and it is no wonder why they do the things that they do.

So what kind of oddities do new parents have to look forward to? Here are just a few weird things that all babies do.

They Like to Discover Themselves

Whether you are changing your little guy’s diaper or giving your princess a bath, there will come a time when their hands will start to wander south and stay there for an extended period of time. It may be a shock to first time parents but it is really nothing to worry about. Most babies will become curious about their genitals around five to seven months. And it means something completely different to them than it does to you. Babies are eager to learn and explore at this age and anything that they can get their hands on, they want to know more about. That means…everything. If it makes you a bit squeamish (and yes, it can at times) you can try to distract your baby with a toy while you change their diaper so that they have something different to focus on. But keep in mind that what they are doing is perfectly natural and harmless.

Why Do Babies Flail Their Arms Out All of the Sudden?

You may think that they’re scared or someone may say that they’ve just had a bad dream, but when your baby suddenly flings their arms out to either side, as if they are trying to fly, it is actually a reflex, known as the Moro reflex. Many years ago, mom didn’t have baby harnesses to help carry around their little ones so they always traveled in their mother’s arms, and falls would occur quite often. Babies have adapted by developing a defense strategy against getting dropped. Whenever your little one has the sensation that he is falling or he has been startled the Moro reflex goes into effect which can help them hang on for dear life. While it may be surprising to see your little one jump so suddenly, it is a good sign that their nervous system is developing as it should be.

They Forget How to Sit

Around 10 months of age your little one will start pulling up on furniture and stand upright. While that is a great milestone, you will notice that they may not be able to figure out how to sit back down again. Lowering their butts back down to the ground will take some practice and coordination. That is why you may be woken up at night to your baby standing up in their crib, crying. It is okay to provide them with help, but don’t rush to assist them every time. Sitting down is a skill that he or she will need to learn all on their own. The chances that they’ll get hurt practicing are very small since they have diapers for padding.

Fake Coughing

You run into the room when you hear your little one hacking and suddenly she stops and starts smiling back at you. Afterwards she may start coughing again as she waits for your reaction. She’s not sick at all, just faking to get your attention. It’s okay to go ahead and laugh at her new trick. This milestone is proof that her behavior is starting to change and that she is becoming more socially aware. Around six months of age, when actions like the fake cough first begin, babies are starting to understand more about how the world works and how to interact with others. A baby will notice that when someone else coughs, they will get a response from others, so she does the same thing in order to get some attention from mommy. Give her the attention that she craves or even fake cough back to show that you are enjoying her little game.