Hilarious iPhone Fails

Hilarious iPhone Fails

Texting typos – we’ve all done them. They’re especially embarrassing when texting mom – or even worse, grandma. Some of these texting errors will make you blush with embarrassment. Quite like watching the Office, you feel ashamed just watching the antics of these poor victims of FTS (fat thumb syndrome).

1. Oh, no! Imagine the shock and then horror on the recipient’s face when they realize that their friend told them a most embarrassing and private detail of their life. iPhone, when has anyone actually meant to put that instead of coffee? Wait, nevermind – we don’t want to know the answer.

2. Freudian slip? Maybe he was actually confessing and then just took it back to blame it on his poor phone. Maybe autocorrect is just a victim in the grand scheme of things – taking blame for crimes that it didn’t commit.

3. We’re side-eying this one pretty hard. I mean, do you really believe that it got that word out of “snack?” Let’s be real here.

We’re not sure how many of these are true autocorrect fails, but they’re awkward nonetheless. Either way, maybe people need to take a step back from the instant gratification of sending texts immediately and remember what their fifth grade teacher said to them about proof-reading before submitting their paper. Or maybe they should stop texting and driving. Maybe all of the above.